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My name is Aleš Drašnar and have been drawing since my childhood. During my studies at graphic school I was privately studying medieval writing and illumination. After serving in the army I worked as a supervisor at a printing company and then as a designer in The Coop. In 1991 I established a company for advertisement production, which moved to the Náchod castle. Due to some circumstances I changed a profession and started forensic sculptural designing of dummy sets and opened the first unique permanent exhibition of bogeymen in spring 1996.

According to a favourable response not only from visitors and medias we have built tens of other specific exhibitions in vaults of castles and châteaux in Bohemia and Moravia in the following 10 years. Continuously I am realizing art exhibits and made to order exhibition units. In the last three years I have been displaying, on commercial basis, in shopping centres in Czech and Slovakia.

Aleš Drašnar
Ateliér Slavoňov 87
549 01 Nové Město nad Metují
Czech republic

+420 777 247 529

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